Youth Empowerment and Employment Generation project is financed in the frame of the Cross border cooperation program Macedonia – Albania 2007 – 2013.

Both regions that of Diber (Albania) and Southwest planning region in Macedonia are characterized by similar features with regard to social, cultural and economic problems. The employment has been a continuous problem for both regions which is indicated also from a considerable immigration. The joint development and promotion of the platforms to enable joint exchange of experiences between young people from both regions and hence generating joint benefits are not sufficient. During the last years it has been noted that the mismatch between the skills produced by educational institutions in both countries and the skills required by the labour market is a contributory factor to the growing youth unemployment rate.

The overall objective of the project is to promote partnerships between various local government agencies, educational institutions, youth organizations and private sector on both sides of the border aiming at social cohesion of young generation through education and employment.

Specific objectives of the projects are: Provision of opportunities for youth to participate in the economic and social life of both regions, facilitating access for youth to the environment of work; better understanding of the key elements of employability skills and sound business development; Joint cross border platforms for reciprocal commitment to help young people.

The target groups in the project are: Educational system on both sides of the border where are included either the Universities or the Secondary school system; and Labour Offices in both regions.

Estimated results: 1) A detailed overview report of the status quo of young people development in the respective regions. 2) Network building through promotion of public – private partnerships to enhance youth employment and youth entrepreneurship. 3) Improvement of issues related to work-force development by preparing the youth for the workplace according to different local, regional, national and cross border specific needs.

Main activities: 1. Gathering of relevant youth education and employment relevant data. 2. Analysis of employment trends as per the specifics on both regions with relevance to youth and potential of employment and business initiatives. 3. Publication of findings report and organization of 2 capacity building workshops with the project stakeholders. 4. Three trainings on employability skills, on teamwork, problem solving, planning and organizing, self-management, on initiative and enterprise. 5. Organization of an inter-regional job fair and launch of virtual networking employment platform.

Time frame: this project will be implemented in the period of 14 months, starting in April 2013 and ending in June 2014.

The following organizations are included in the implementation of this project:
Economic Chamber of North- West Macedonia (lead partner)
PREDA Plus foundation (partner)
SPRINT foundation (lead applicant, Albania)
ANTTARC (partner, Albania)

For more info on this project, you can contact Filip Sekuloski, project technical assistant, on the following contact details: and 048/401-581, Ext 103.

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