Organizational Capacity Building to Aid Disabled Persons in Macedonia






21.11.2015 – 21.05.2017
(18 months)


Public institutions in Macedonia still lack reliable data on best practices of provision of social services in the public sector, as well as data on discrimination prevention in the private sector although it is their responsibility to tackle each of these grounds, including the full spectrum of disabled persons’ rights.  Collaboration is crucial for improving institutional treatment and application of the National Strategy on Achieving Equal Rights for the Persons with Disabilities, the Law on the Employment of Persons with Disabilities, the Law on Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and The Law on Higher Education. Non-existence of a platform for public-private dialogue with the relevant stakeholders. While public coordinative and implementing structures lack capacities to develop accessible work and learning spaces, the civil sector lacks communication with the business sector to disseminate the best practices concepts.


To promote and enhance partnerships between various CSO’s, public institutions and the private sector, with the aim of building capacities to improve social services, networks, and work and learning space designs to achieve full human rights and participation of persons with disabilities in society through public-private-CSO dialogue and action. Expansion of local/national public-private-CSO dialogue to enhance civil society involvement in creating public opinion and policy and decision making with persons with disabilities. Establishment of joint public-private and CSO platforms for a common commitment to help persons with disabilities. Provision of physical access for persons with disabilities to participate equally in economic and social life. Provision of employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Raising awareness of the disadvantages persons with disabilities, face and curbing discrimination of persons with disabilities.


Raising the awareness through six advocacy campaigns in order to improve understanding of the situation of persons with disabilities followed by 75 media throughout Macedonia.

National conference for persons with disabilities on the topic: “Improving the mechanisms for prevention and protection from discrimination against persons with disabilities in Macedonia”.

Business-sector targeted activities: three-day training for 22 managers and HR specialists from various companies on the topic: “Introduction to the policies and practices of a company to improve employability and inclusion of people with disabilities”.

4 Info Points through its operations on local level share presented good practices from the Reports from the Commission for protection against discrimination and EU progress reports.

Public sector dialogue activities: public debates as a process of exchange of views of implemented legislative, commitments and decisions between decisions makers, NGO’s, CSO’s in field of employment process of persons with disabilities.


EUR 135,221.79



The project is funded by the European Union




Association of students and youth with disability