Improving the Macedonian CSOs Active Participation in Decision-Making Process through the Empowerment of Grass-Root CSOs






01.02.2017 – 31.05.2019
(28 months)


CSOs do have a formal governance and management system, but lack with mechanisms for ensuring their functionality in practice. The law obliges registered CSOs to have clear organizational structures and define responsibilities of assemblies/ boards and management as part of the registration process, whereas, only more advanced CSOs implement such divisions. Financial management is also identified as another matter that reflects internal governance deviations. In order to be more representative in relation and interaction with institutions, networks of CSOs must show greater commitment and capacity to give citizens a voice and influence public sector reform processes. It is also important that grass-root organizations and civic initiatives have increased access to financial resources, in-kind contributions, or expertise from established CSOs and CSO networks. CSOs are largely isolated from the public.


The project aims to improve the situation of grass root CSOs in Macedonia, the civil sector and public sector dialogue, especially on inclusion of all stakeholders in order to increase the participation of grass-root CSOs in Macedonia. The goal of the project is to enhance the input of CSOs into decision making and policy making process of the local and central government.

  • Improved environment for civil society to strengthen capacities of organised active citizens, effective civic participation in policy processes at all levels, better legal framework for establishing, operating and funding of civil society organisations;
  • Enabled support mechanisms for sustainable development of CSOs, grass root CSOs and newly established organisations;
  • Enhanced interaction between authorities and CSOs at both central and local level;
  • Increased CSOs internal governance, profiling, networking, constituency building and visibility;
  • Increased public awareness of the roles of CSOs.



20 grass-root CSOs will implement small grants from February to December 2018 in 27 municipalities in Macedonia in several areas of interventions:1) Economic development and technology innovation; 2) Health, social work and humanitarian; 3) Ecology, environment and animals; 4) Youth activism and student’s organizations and 5) Sport and recreation. While implementing activities in their communities, the CSOs will be trained and mentored on relevant topics for their development.


EUR 332,663.00



The project is funded by the European Union




Arbeiter Samariter Bund – ASB