Petar Pop Arsov 45, MK-1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia

Јавен повик за изградба на викенд куќи и други објекти за времено сместување (Коливинг/Коворкинг во Нижеполе, Битола)


Фондација за одржлив економски развој “ПРЕДА ПЛУС” Битола планира да додели договор за градба за Изградба на Коливинг и Коворкинг во Нижеполе, Битола (капацитети времено сместување) со финансиска поддршка ИНТЕРРЕГ ИПА Програма за прекугранична соработка помеѓу Грција и Република Северна Македонија 2014-2020. Тендерското досие е достапно во канцелариите на ПРЕДА ПЛУС, Кузман Јосифовски 88/4, Битола, како и објавено на веб страната на

Краен рок за доставување на понудите е 05.06.2023
Увид на терен е закажан на 25.04.2023, 12:00 часот


Комплетната документација можете да ја симнете на следниот линк

Open Call for Construction of weekend houses and other facilities for temporary accommodation (Co-living/Coworking Nizhepole, Bitola)

Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development “PREDA PLUS” Bitola intends to award a work contract for Construction of Co-living & Co-working Centre in Nizhepole, Bitola with financial assistance from the INTERREG IPA CBC Programme between Greece- Republic of North Macedonia 2014-2020. The tender dossier is available at PREDA PLUS Office, Kuzman Josifovski 88/4, Bitola and as well published for downloading on our website.

The deadline for submission of offers is 05.06.2023.
Site visit is scheduled for 25.04.2023, 12:00 pm.


Complete documentation you can download on following link

Questions & Answers

Question: If there are different vendors awarded for LOT 1 and LOT 2, how will be timetable of the works having in mind the interdependence of the individual work?
Answer: Based on the Special Conditions from the Contract Agreement with each vendor for separate LOT, the timetable will be set in order to comply with the needed construction work on the site.

Question: Who will provide electricity and water supply on the construction site during the construction works?
Answer: The contracting authority/investor is in charge to provide electricity and water supply on the construction site.

Question: Who will cover the electricity bill during the construction works?
Answer: The contractor should be in charge of all costs incurred during the construction works.

Question: Whose responsibility is the removal of excess soil and disposal in a landfill?
Answer: The contractor is responsible for the removal of excess soil and disposal in a landfill as stated in Bill of Quantities LOT 1.

Question: Would a contractor has a priority if it applies to both LOTs?
Answer: The only award criteria is the offered price per Lot. In accordance with the PRAG rules concerning technical and financial evaluation, appropriate procedures are going to be carried out. The technical evaluation for the tenders with lots will be carried out lot by lot. Once the technical evaluation has been completed, the financial evaluation will pick out the best financial offer for each lot, taking due account any discount offered.

Question: Whose responsibility is to mark the objects on the planned location?
Answer: The marking of the objects on the planned location is the responsibility of the investors/contracting authority through a licensed geodetic company based on Elaborate for Geodetic Data for Applying a Construction Project to the Field.

Question: Which LOT covers the ground floor arrangement?
Answer: Ground floor arrangements are part of LOT 1.

Question: When is expected the construction permit to be issued?
Answer: Аccording to the legal deadlines, the permit should be obtained within 20 working days, that is, in the second half of June.
In any case, the plan is to request a permit to perform the preparatory works, which will be obtained in a faster.

Question: What is the final date for completing the works?
Answer: There is a possibility for no-cost extension till 15 December 2023 prior to approval from Managing Authority.

Question: When the Contract Agreement will be signed?
Answer: The tentative date for signing the Contract Agreement is published in the Instruction for Tenderers.

Question: Is there a possibility to have access to all the data of all phases for infrastructure: water supply and sewerage, electrical installations, thermomechanical installations – heating and cooling apart of architecture and construction phases?
Answer: All phases from the Master Plan including water supply and sewerage, electrical installations, thermomechanical installations – heating and cooling are uploaded in Volumen 5 from the Tender Dossier.

Question: Regarding documents for submission like invoices for equipment, contract and certificate, balance sheet, etc. can we submit these documents in Macedonian language?
Answer: As stated in Instruction of Tenderers in Article 10.2, it is allowed for submission of various documents like invoices for equipment, contracts and certificates, balance sheets, etc. in Macedonian language.