The goal of the workshop is to present techniques and design principles in a way to inspire designers and companies to innovate by thinking out of the box. Methods how to preveal NEWNESS over EXPECTEDNESS in the design process to result with fresh and desirable products. How to create for the USERS awakening their senses as a base for relationship between them and your brand. The result is SMILE DESIGN.

Date: 28 November 2015

Time: 12:00 – 14:00

Venue: Public Room – Center for design and innovation

Lecturer: Marta Naumovska Grnarova

Language: Macedonian

Entry: Free

Lecturer: Marta Naumovska Grnarova

Marta Naumovska Grnarova is the owner and general manager of Zavar Company and Managing Director of Zavar Design; founder and president of MAMEI – Macedonian association for metal and electro industry; Programme Director of Skopje Design Week and Board member at NL Chamber.

As a general manager her main focus is entering new markets and developing new innovative products, as well as strategic development of the company. She introduced the design segment in the company by founding the brand Zavar Design with a main focus on design of radiators, unique heating objects with artistic appearance. Since 2012 she has been working as a Programme Director of Skopje Design Week with main focus on the development of the Macedonian design scene and promoting it abroad.

In 2014 with the support and initiative of SIPPO, MAMEI was formed to act as a joint hub for all small and medium companies in the area of electro and metal industry with the main focus to grow the sector and promote Macedonian metal industry as a supply partner to the companies in EU. She graduated from the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius Skopje, Department of Mechanical Engineering and has a Master of Science in Industrial Management.

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