On 09.04.2014- the tenth traning took place in Budva (Montenegro) and training topic was: Marketing and Definition of Gastronomic Routes of South Kosovo. The lecturer was Professor Michael Risteski (MA in Tourism, Teaching Assistant at Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality – Ohrid) where the discussion items were: What is gastronomic tourism? Trends of gastronomic tourism; who are the target markets? Creating gastronomic routes (What is a gastronomic route? a specific cultural tourism product; specific products can be linked to particular locations and/or seasons; Determinants for creation of gastronomic routes, etc).
On 10.04.2014 the workshop on creation of Itinerary of a gastronomic tour in Southern Kosovo took place.
Topics / Tasks were:
1. Create Itinerary of a gastronomic Tour in Southern Kosovo
2. Suggestions about promotion of the Gastronomic Tour
The lecturer (Prof. Michael Risteski) has divided HORECA beneficiaries into four (4) groups (consisted of 6- 7 persons) where it was requested from each group to create their own Gastronomic Tours and itineraries, as well but having in mind that each tour has to be focused to add:
General elements of gastronomic routes – organizational aspects
Organizational requirements for establishment of a route
Specific steps for creating gastronomic tours
Creating itinerary and price (costs for the organizer and profit/commission) and
Evaluating and improving the tour.
The duration for preparation/ compilation and defining such an itinerary of gastronomic route was 45 mins and afterwards one of the representatives of each group will come and they will have only 10 mins for presentation.
Group 1: has presented one (1) day tour : Rahovec/ Orahovac “Wine & Food Tour”
Group 2: has presented one (1) day tour: “Wine Tour”
Group 3: has presented three (3) day tour:”Prizren Town & Mountaineers House” and
Group 4: has presented two (2) day tour: “Euro Bikers Tour” (Incentive Group Route)

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