PREDA Plus Foundation, on May 22nd, 2015, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Association of Professional Consultants – READINESS FOR EUROPE 2020 (RE2020).

The cooperation between the organizations will be implemented in different areas of our work, and special attention will be given concerning the exchange of information on matters of joint interest; joint organization and participation in events; joint preparation of proposals to already published calls; active participation and cooperation in implementation of jointly-initiated projects and activities; and both organizations will advocate on behalf of the other to support our similar views and approaches.

READINESS FOR EUROPE 2020 is an association of professional consultants established in March 2012, with the purpose of supporting and strengthening the capacities of organizations in Macedonia to achieve the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy, and to strengthen international cooperation. Their vision is the successful performance of Macedonian society in the implementation of the Strategy Europe 2020 policy, through a willingness to deal with challenges and obstacles that await us in the future.

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