At the Faculty for Economics in Prilep, on April 2nd, 2015, a career fair was organized by the student organization AIESEC Prilep. PREDA Plus Foundation had its own table with information and promotional materials about current and future opportunities for volunteering in our organization. We emphasize that volunteering will allow young people to acquire knowledge and skills which will help them in their future employment.

Several companies were in attendance at the Fair. The purpose of the Career Fair was to foster interaction between students and Macedonian companies and organizations, and to increase awareness among faculty students and high school scholars exactly what companies and organizations are seeking from future employees.

Wishing to encourage leadership, members of AIESEC Prilep, in cooperation with the Peace Corps, have organized a Leadership Seminar which will be held at the Faculty of Economics – Prilep this Friday and Saturday, April 3rd and 4th, 2015. The aim of the seminar is to encourage and to develop leadership among youth and to help them to upgrade themselves and their leadership skills. Seminar topics will be presented by leadership experts.

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