“Development of typical gastronomic products of interest for tourism in South Economic Region of Kosovo “, with acronym name “Tourism & Taste – TOURTASTE”

Financed by

European Commission Liaison Office in Kosovo

Implemented by

ASB – Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V. and project partners Prizren Municipality and PREDA Plus Foundation.

Overall objective

Overall objective of the project is to raise the quality of typical regional gastronomic sector and to develop an integrated model for development that would directly and indirectly raise competitiveness of agricultural, food and tourism sector in the South economic region of Kosovo.

Specific objective

1. Raising Production Potential
2. Gastronomic Innovation
3. Regional Dialogue
4. Quality Improvement.

Short description

The project will influence the attractiveness as well as consumer interest in special and typical products of the region through increasing the quality and visibility of specific agriculture and food products of the region and their typical gastronomic enhancement, enhancement of production sites areas focusing on capabilities of production (raising production potential); selection of typical products, tasting and quality evaluation, development of joint regional menu and recipes (gastronomic innovation); convergence between producers and consumers, realization of joint menus and products that reflects the cultural specificity and natural resources of the region and assembly itineraries to joint natural, historical and cultural potential of the region (public-private dialogue); training of food preparation, product testing (quality improvement).

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