During the first week of January 2011, PREDA Plus foundation has signed a contract withthe Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, represented by Swiss CooperationOffice in Macedonia. The signing of this contract is concerning the Implementation of thePREDA Plus business plan for 2011.


Contracting period of this contract is 1/1/2011 to 31/12/2011.
SDC have supported PREDA Plus in order to fulfill its tasks for achieving the vision andmission in the following areas:
Promotion of good governance through strategic planning and implementation, respectingthe principles of transparency and participation

  • Professional project and grant management
  • Distinctive models for Business Sector Development
  • Organizational/institutional development
  • Socio-economic development,

Or more in concrete, this project foresees the following interventions:

  • Institutional strengthening of PREDA Plus Foundation
  • Technical support for RDCs
  • Business development
  • SME development and

– Regional Development in the western Balkan context.
Each of the activities correlated with this project will be regularly published on this web pageand in other media in Macedonia and abroad.

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